Time to get those white coats looking even more luscious!


White Coat Enhancement Shampoo!

Our White Coat enhancement shampoo is a high foaming & conditioning all in one shampoo that is suitable for all animals of all ages. Contains unique violet pigments that eliminate brassy/yellow undertones in your pets fur, this leaves whites looking crisp and clean.

Fragranced with our exclusive "Cotton Candy" perfume, your pet will smell sweeter than sugar after every bath.

Colour Enhancement Shampoo is suitable for all coat colours but works best on lighter tones, this shampoo is a game changer!

  • Amazing fragrance sweeter than sugar

  • High foaming performance

  • Gentle ingredients to ensure safe bathing

  • Conditioning agents leave hair feeling soft and smooth

  • Violet pigments that enhances coat colours, specially white coats

Available online now!

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